Quick Overview
Model# TROT8-3X17/LOUVER

The TROT8-3X17/LOUVER is our Direct/Indirect Louver Troffer that provides visual comfort while adding a modern look to any work space. This fixture is the best option in evening out a light source throughout the work space. The louvers are used for direct lighting situations, but also help reduce the visibility of the lamps. The TROT8-3X17/LOUVER is available in two feet and four feet varieties. The option of equipping either two or three lamps is also offered. Each lamp can be easily installed and removed individually.

Product specifications

Model No.
Dimensions (Lx Wx H)
Lamp QTY
Lamp Type
TROT8-2X17/LOUVER 24”x24”x5.5” 2 T8 17W 120-277V
TROT8-3X17/LOUVER 24”x24”x5.5” 3 T8 17W 120-277V
TROT8-2X32/LOUVER 48”x24”x5.5” 2 T8 32W 120-277V
TROT8-3X32/LOUVER 48”x24”x5.5” 3 T8 32W 120-277V