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Quick Overview

The SSLT8LED-DM series is a dual mode LED T8 tube that is ballast compatible or direct connect. These dual mode LED T8 tubes come in full glass housing which provides wide beam angle and 300 degree even light distribution. The full glass housing prevents distortion and yellowing of the tube. The LED T8 tubes start up instantly with no delay and are rated for 50,000 hours. Our SSLT8LED-DM series can save up to 50% in energy cost compared to an equivalent fluorescent T8 lamp.

Product specifications

Model Number Input Power Lumens CCT Dimensions Voltage
SSLT8LED-10/30K-DM 10W 1100 3000K 24" x 0.87" 100-277V
SSLT8LED-10/40K-DM 10W 1150 4000K 24" x 0.87" 100-277V
SSLT8LED-10/50K-DM 10W 1150 5000K 24" x 0.87" 100-277V
SSLT8LED-15/30K-DM 15W 1650 3000K 48" x 0.87" 100-277V
SSLT8LED-15/40K-DM 15W 1800 4000K 48" x 0.87" 100-277V
SSLT8LED-15/50K-DM 15W 1800 5000K 48" x 0.87" 100-277V