LED Downlight Retrofit Kits
LED Downlight Retrofit Kits


Quick Overview

The SSL-WRLED series is our energy efficient LED downlight retrofit kit, which uses 85% less energy compared to incandescent. These LED downlights are suitable for use in wet locations, making it perfect for use in bathrooms and outdoor applications. Our SSL-WRLED series guarantees a 35,000 hour rated life.

Product specifications

Model Number Input Power Lumens CCT Dimensions Voltage
SSL-WRLED-12/30K 12W 900 lm 3000K 5.15" x 3.35" 120V
SSL-WRLED-12/40K 12W 900 lm 4000K 5.15" x 3.35" 120V
SSL-WRLED-12/50K 12W 900 lm 5000K 5.15" x 3.35" 120V
SSL-WRLED-19/30K 19W 1300 lm 3000K 7.28" x 3.5" 120V
SSL-WRLED-19/40K 19W 1300 lm 4000K 7.28" x 3.5" 120V
SSL-WRLED-19/50K 19W 1300 lm 5000K 7.28" x 3.5" 120V