LED Flat Panel


Quick Overview

The clean and elegant design of SSL-FPLED2X2 LED Flat Panel Light provides a modern alternative to traditional 2x2ft fluorescent troffer, reach up to 100 lumens per watt with included UL Recognized
constant current driver. These low profile LED Flat Panels are great for replacing old fluorescent
fixtures, resulting in a cleaner look with internal driver. Popular installations include drop ceilings, as pendants or drywall using the optional mounting kit. It is available in 4000K or 5000K.

Product specifications

Model Number Input Power Lumens CCT Dimensions Voltage
SSL-FPLED2X2/40 40W 3960 4000K 23.7" x 23.7" x 1.09" 100-277V
SSL-FPLED2X2/50 40W 4000 5000K 23.7" x 23.7" x 1.09" 100-277V
SSL-FPLED2X4/40 40W 3980 4000K 47.72" x 23.7" x 1.09" 100-277V
SSL-FPLED2X4/50 40W 4020 5000K 47.72" x 23.7" x 1.09" 100-277V