Quick Overview
Model# PARAB2X2/2X17

The PARAB2X2/2X17 is our Parabolic Troffer. It comes equipped with both a glare control, and an optical control. The PARAB2X2/2X17is available in various sizes, allowing it to fit any regular ceiling tile. Featuring a black reveal, it creates a modern floating Louver, giving your workspace a contemporary look. Installation is easy, and can be done without any special tools due to the two convenient spring-locks on the louver window.

Product specifications

Model No.
Dimensions (Lx Wx H)
Lamp QTY
Lamp Type
PARAB2X2/2X17 24”x24”x4.75” 2 T8 17W 120-277V
PARAB2X2/3X17 24”x24”x4.75” 3 T8 17W 120-277V
PARAB2X2/4X17 24”x24”x4.75” 4 T8 17W 120-277V
PARAB2X2/2X32/UBENT 24”x24”x4.75” 2 T8 U 32W 120-277V
PARAB2X4/2X32 48”x24”x4.75” 2 T8 32W 120-277V
PARAB2X4/3X32 48”x24”x4.75” 3 T8 32W 120-277V
PARAB2X4/4X32 48”x24”x4.75” 4 T8 32W 120-277V