LED Downlight Retrofit Kits
LED Downlight Retrofit Kits


Quick Overview
Model# SSL-RLED-10/XXK

The SSL-RLED series from Sun & Stars Lighting are LED downlight retrofit kits that provide energy efficient solutions for most residential and commercial applications. Due to its clean and delicate profile, the SSL-RLED series is perfect for living rooms, retail stores, offices and can also be used in damp locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our LED downlight retrofit kits come in 4 inch 8 watts provides 700 lumens and 6 inch 10 watt provides 1,000 lumens. Our SSL-RLED series come in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Product specifications

Model Number
Input Power
SSL-RLED-8/30K 8W 600 lm 3000K 5.13" x 3.5" 120V
SSL-RLED-8/40K 8W 650 lm 4000K 5.13" x 3.5" 120V
SSL-RLED-8/50K 8W 700 lm 5000K 5.13" x 3.5" 120V
SSL-RLED-10/30K 10W 940 lm 3000K 7.25" x 3.4" 120V
SSL-RLED-10/40K 10W 970 lm 4000K 7.25" x 3.4" 120V
SSL-RLED-10/50K 10W 1000 lm 5000K 7.25" x 3.4" 120V