High Bays


Quick Overview
Model# FP-HB8/T5

The FP-HB8/T5 is a Fluorescent Low-Profile High Bay, a great solution to Metal-Halide High Bay replacements. It is also perfect for maximizing light sources. The FP-HB8/T5 can hold eight (8) T5 lamps to produce a very high lumen output perfect for any open interior space. With its tool-less removable central ballast cover, maintenance can be performed without removing any lamps or reflectors, effectively saving users valuable time. Just like all Sun & Stars industrial fixtures, the FP-HB8/T5 is composed of high gauge steel, power coating, and rotary lock amp-holders to ensure durability. The reflector is made of aluminum, with a reflective finish to maximize efficiency. The FP-HB8/T5 is ideal for commercial spaces, storage rooms and any industrial interior space.

Product specifications

Model No.
Dimensions (Lx Wx H)
Lamp QTY
Lamp Type
FP-HB-6/T5 48.125”x20.5”x2” 6 T5 54W 120-277V
FP-HB-8/T5 48.125”x25.5”x2” 8 T5 54W 120-277V